About Me


(Lake Tahoe, August 2015, one month before I began my journey to becoming a mother)

Hello and a very warm welcome to you!  Thank you for stopping by my personal blog.

I am a choice mom to the most handsome little boy who was born in the summer of 2016, and I am also a soon-to-be first-time Auntie this coming April 2017.  Between my sister’s experience and my own, I have become very familiar with the process of conceiving via the help of a physician, including infertility issues, IUIs, timing, multiple appointments with the reproductive endocrinologist (RE), and all the medications, procedures, and financial burdens that go along with it.  This experience has changed my life completely.

I hold a full-time job that I really enjoy while also attending university part-time.  I have 2 Associate’s degrees and a diploma, but it is my personal goal to attain a Bachelor’s, just for my own self-fulfillment.  Since having my son, I have had to decrease my school hours to just 1 class per semester, which is going to take me forever to graduate, but this decision has also provided me with the extra free time I desire to spend with my son.

I usually have so many ideas and thoughts running through my mind at any given moment, so this is why I have decided to start this blog.  I just want a place to jot down my thoughts, and this is where I will do so.  Cheers!


My Platforms:  Choice Moms/Single Mothers By Choice, Infertility Awareness, Miscarriage, Suicide Prevention and Awareness, Working Moms



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