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My Birthday Cake Horror Story (with a Fun Ending!)

This past Wednesday was my birthday, and my family decided to get me a cake.  They even let me choose!  I wanted an ice cream cake, so I went to the Baskin Robbins website and found the cutest little cake called the Delectable Designer Bag Cake, so that is what we ended up ordering.  I customized it with everything I wanted – vanilla cake, cookies ‘n cream ice cream, and “Happy Birthday” written in purple.  I was pretty excited to be blowing out my candles on this cake.

The morning of the day we were supposed to pick it up, we received a call from Baskin Robbins saying that they would need to push back the order at least a couple of hours because the cake “had gone flat” and that a more “experienced” cake decorator would be coming in later that day to attempt the cake again.  Had to chuckle a little, but whatever, a couple of hours is not a big deal.  Fast forward to later that night, and our cake was ready.  We drove over to the Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins store and told the lady at the counter that we were there to pick up our cake.  She was acting strangely, I swear.  After some commotion, she brought over our cake and placed it on the counter.  She removed the flap that lets you peek in and see the cake for like a split-second and then quickly tucked the flap back in.  “Thank you!” she said and quickly whisked us away.  I did notice that the cake seemed to be leaning back, but at that point it was still upright.

Now I know why they had this sign on the door:


We drove home quickly because the cake seemed extremely fragile and was still doing the Leaning Tower of Pisa thing.  Within a couple of minutes of having it on my lap, I noticed that the cake had leaned back so much that it was resting on the back side of the box.  When we got home, I carried it slowly to the dining room table, but my Leaning Tower of Cake was pretty much done.  A crack had formed on its top half.

Upon opening the box, it looked like this:


Within 30 seconds, it looked like this:


Epic cake fail.

Well, I was not going to let this cake ruin my birthday, and neither was Grandma!  She looked at me with a smile and said, “I think my grandson wants to try some cake!”  I knew what she meant.  🙂

So, that is the story of how my little 8-1/2-month old was able to have his very first fun and enjoyable (pink) cake smash.  Seeing him laughing and enjoying himself was the greatest gift of all!


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