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Pregnant Sister Update 02/24/2017

My sister has weekly non-stress tests ordered as she is a high-risk pregnancy and has been since Day 1.  I always try to accompany her to her appointments because I am her number one “Support Person.”  I had work and was unable to go, but of course I wanted to know everything as soon as possible.  She already had an NST done yesterday due to being in Labor and Delivery Triage (see previous post), but today was her regularly scheduled one.  She goes to the doctor a lot, at least one to two times a week.  Thankfully, the NST today looked great.  The baby was a bit “sleepy,” so the nurse told her to drink some water and lie on her left side, which was enough to wake her baby up.  One change is that her OB put her on work restrictions and wrote a doctor’s note for her employer regarding the same.  Apparently, the bleeding from yesterday may have been caused by too much physical activity at work.

We have more appointments next week and I will post more then.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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