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ER Visit #3 for My Pregnant Sister

My sister, whom I am very close to, is 33 weeks pregnant.  This morning, she informed me that she was having bright red bleeding.  Panic set in.  Is my niece okay? is all I could think, especially all that we have been through.  (My sister was supposed to have twins, but lost one early in the pregnancy due to vanishing twin syndrome.  It was heartbreaking.)  She called her OB, who told her to go to the hospital.  I immediately called off work and drove her over to Labor and Delivery Triage.  On our first 2 ER visits, we had to go to the emergency room, but now that she is 33 weeks, we were seen on the Labor and Delivery floor.  We were quickly admitted into Triage Room #5.

Once there, the nurse slapped on a patient ID and allergies bracelet and hooked my sister up to the fetal monitor.  Immediately, we heard the baby’s heartbeat and were relieved.  The nurse told my sister they would be monitoring her for a while, and that they were going to perform other tests to figure out the source of the bleeding, which had stopped by then.  They performed an internal examination and everything was normal.  They mentioned “uterine irritability” while glancing at the fetal monitor, but said it was nothing to worry about.  Then, after waiting over an hour, they put my sister in a wheelchair and wheeled her downstairs to the imaging department, where they did a very thorough ultrasound, which they said were actually 3 separate ultrasound orders.  After the ultrasound, they wheeled her back to Triage Room #5 and hooked her back on the fetal monitor while we waited for the test results.  After a long while, the nurse came back in and informed us that everything was normal and looked great, and also that they could not explain the reason for the bleeding, nor find any obvious cause.  My sister was discharged with no activity limitations, but was told to continue doing kick counts.

I think we were there for around 5 hours and were super relieved to see that everything was okay.  The nurse said she would have gone to the ER too if this had happened to her.  Better safe than sorry!


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