Test Anxiety

If you have read my About Me section, you probably already know that I also attend classes part-time.  This is my second time around college, and I attend a big university, so I definitely feel completely old around my classmates (I’m turning 34 in a couple of weeks).  No joke, a subject such as the BP Oil Spill is pretty much like a history lesson for them since they were all in middle school.  Even our professor pointed that they were all too young to probably remember the gravity of the situation and had to explain in great detail what took place then.  I was sitting there thinking it was just yesterday that it was all over the news.  For me, the oil spill is a current event haha!

Our first exam is tomorrow, and now that I am older I have been experiencing pretty bad test anxiety every single time some sort of exam or quiz comes around.  I have always been a very good, straight-A student, and that continues to this day.  The only difference is it is so much harder this time around.  I have to really, really put forth the effort, unlike when I was 18 years old and had all the time in the world.  Still, I work very hard to get those A’s, and so far my hard work has paid off.  After a couple of semesters, I was invited to join 2 different honors societies at my university, which I gladly did.

I am very aware of my test anxiety symptoms.  About a week before the exam, I start becoming emotional, irritable, and talk about quitting school altogether.  Sometimes I cry.  I have trouble concentrating.  And the biggest symptom for me is that at night I have very disturbing dreams of all sorts and wake up with my heart pounding.

The thought of getting anything but an A makes me very anxious.  I realize this is irrational, and one day I hope I will be able to stop being this way.  Really, one day I will get that B, or C, and I should be prepared.  The main goal is to graduate, after all.



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