Amelia Island, Florida

The week before Christmas, my sister and I, along with the kiddo, went on vacation to Amelia Island in northeastern Florida.  It is basically almost in Georgia, in fact.  The drive took 3-1/2 hours, passing through Jacksonville, with the last hour or so being this winding 2-lane highway through small islands, bridges, and patches of water that seemed to go on forever.  I did find myself bored.  I did see a dolphin though!  At least the baby fell asleep on the way there.

We stayed at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, which was huge.  The main entrance to the resort was under construction, so they had a makeshift check-in area set up in their convention center building.  Front desk staff was great.  Concierge could have been better, as in they did not ask to help nor offer to help us with our luggage – and I had a visibly pregnant woman in my party!  I actually ended up speaking with the head of Guest Services regarding the concierge department.  They claim to be a 4-star hotel, so I expect better service from them.  The room was also just alright, pretty run-down, but the best part is that every room in the resort looks out to the Atlantic Ocean.  If you wake up early, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while watching the sun rise right from your balcony.

Quite a secluded place, I might add.  There is literally nothing for miles if you take a left out of the resort, and if you take a right you will have to drive once again through those small and winding roads to find places to eat outside the resort property.  If you want a place to get away from everything (quite literally), I would say this is the place.  My kiddo really enjoyed his first-ever beach trip, but I probably will not be returning to this particular Omni property for a good while.